Authentage Coaching

Authentage Coaching
A custom-made WordPress website for a life-coaching small business.

What our client said:

Working with Eddan has been a pleasure. They are responsive to emails and completes the tasks required. Their work is professional and I am very happy with the website they designed for me. The pricing is very reasonable. Looking forward to seeing how the ongoing maintenance goes with Eddan Technologies.
Jennifer N.
Authentage Coaching LLC

How we made the dream, a reality.


Authentage Coaching LLC approached Eddan Technologies with a request to develop a professional website that effectively showcased their cognitive behavioral coaching services. The client desired a platform that would inform visitors about their mission, enable easy appointment bookings, provide valuable resources, and highlight positive testimonials. Eddan Technologies took on the challenge and delivered a customized website with captivating visuals, engaging content, a seamless booking system, a comprehensive resource management system, and a user-friendly testimonial system.


Jennifer N., the founder of Authentage Coaching LLC, needed a website that would serve as a digital gateway for potential clients to learn about her services and book coaching sessions. Additionally, she wanted to share valuable resources and testimonials to establish credibility and engage with her audience effectively. The client required a visually appealing, user-friendly, and secure platform that would reflect her coaching approach and promote her mission and vision.


Eddan Technologies developed a customized website for Authentage Coaching, aligning with the client’s vision and requirements. We carefully crafted compelling content to inform visitors about Jennifer’s coaching services and empower them to break free from self-limiting beliefs. The website’s design incorporated captivating graphics and premium imagery to create an immersive user experience. To address the client’s need for appointment bookings, we implemented a secure and intuitive multi-step booking form, allowing users to schedule sessions effortlessly. Furthermore, we built a robust resource management system that allowed Jennifer to easily upload, link, and share documents and videos with her audience. Additionally, we developed a user-friendly testimonial system that enabled the client or our team to effortlessly add new testimonials to the website with a single click.


At Eddan Technologies, our commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond the website launch. We continued to monitor and analyze the website’s performance to ensure optimal functionality and user experience. Any requested changes from the client were promptly addressed and implemented, ensuring that the website remained up-to-date and aligned with their evolving needs. This ongoing support allowed Authentage Coaching to adapt their online presence in response to user feedback and market trends, maximizing the website’s effectiveness as a tool for connecting with their target audience.

Some numbers about this project…

$ 1

Is the total approximate price for this project. This includes the design, development, launch, and hosting.

1 days

Is the total approximate time it took for us to complete this project. This includes all the phases of the development process: 1) Research, 2) Design, 3) Development, 4) Testing & Feedback, 5) Launch, 6) Maintenance and Updates.

Some custom features we added!

Booking Form

The booking form on the Authentage Coaching website revolutionizes the appointment booking process. With its multi-step design, the form ensures a streamlined user experience. Users progress through clear steps, selecting their desired service, an available agent, preferred date and time, and providing their contact details. The form dynamically generates a receipt, updating in real-time based on user selections. This feature allows visitors to effortlessly schedule coaching sessions while maintaining transparency and security throughout the booking process.

Resources System

Authentage Coaching's website incorporates a user-friendly resource management system. This system empowers Jennifer to effortlessly share valuable resources such as documents and videos with her audience. With a simple upload, link, or embedding process, the system automatically organizes and presents the resources on a dedicated page. Visitors can easily access and benefit from the provided materials, enhancing their engagement with the coaching services and extending Jennifer's impact beyond individual sessions.

Testimonials System

To emphasize the positive experiences of clients, the Authentage Coaching website includes a seamless testimonial system. Jennifer and the Eddan Technologies team can effortlessly add testimonials with a single click, ensuring a constantly evolving collection of authentic feedback. By prominently displaying these testimonials, the website effectively establishes trust, demonstrates Jennifer's expertise, and fosters confidence among potential clients.

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