A custom-made WordPress website for an safety consulting business.

What our client said:

It surpassed anything I ever expected. Very skilled team and fantastic work. I am more than happy with the outcome. 100% recommend to anyone that wants their site to be the best out there. Thanks.
Michael P.

How we made the dream, a reality.


Eddan Technologies embarked on a mission to design and develop a striking website for Eversafe’s safety training business. The project commenced with an array of design themes, allowing Eversafe to select one that seamlessly aligned with their brand identity—professional, serious, and safety-centric.


Eversafe’s entry into a fiercely competitive industry necessitated a unique and creative web presence. Safety and training websites often suffer from complex navigation and disorganized service and course offerings. Eddan Technologies needed to overcome these challenges and enhance both site management for Eversafe and the user experience.


Eddan Technologies delivered a modern, professional, and visually stunning website that perfectly matched Eversafe’s brand identity. The website was meticulously designed to provide users with a smooth and enjoyable journey through Eversafe’s services and courses. The intuitive layout and organization were carefully crafted to prioritize the user experience.


Our commitment to Eversafe extended well beyond the website’s launch. We worked collaboratively to ensure a secure and seamless migration to their hosting provider. Monitoring and maintenance followed the transition, addressing any remaining issues or bugs. Our dedication to client satisfaction meant we remained responsive to Eversafe’s requests and needs, ensuring their ongoing success.

Some numbers about this project…

$ 1

Is the total approximate price for this project. This includes the design, development, launch, and hosting.

1 days

Is the total approximate time it took for us to complete this project. This includes all the phases of the development process: 1) Research, 2) Design, 3) Development, 4) Testing & Feedback, 5) Launch, 6) Maintenance and Updates.

Some custom features we added!

Service & Course Management

Eversafe offers a diverse range of safety services and training courses. To support their dynamic business model, we developed an efficient management system. Eversafe can effortlessly update their offerings with a simple click and the input of relevant information. This feature instantly populates new services and courses throughout the website.

Blog System & Testimonials

Eversafe aims to be a prominent voice in the safety and security domain. To facilitate content creation and testimonial management, we incorporated a user-friendly blog system with appealing templates. Additionally, a robust testimonial system was integrated, allowing Eversafe to seamlessly handle and showcase client feedback.

Contact/Booking Form

The contact form serves as the central hub for user inquiries, quote requests, and booking submissions. Designed with aesthetics and user-friendliness in mind, the all-in-one form streamlines the communication process. Users can easily navigate fields and select their desired courses and services, enhancing the overall user experience.

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